lip tint or lip gloss

Are you on a hunt for new lip color products, but confused the difference between lip tint vs lip gloss?

In the world of lip products, choosing between lip tint and lip gloss can be a difficult task. But fear not, as I am here to simplify your decision-making process.

Dive into my comprehensive comparison of lip tint vs lip gloss to discover which option aligns perfectly with your lifestyle, offering long-lasting color or glossy shine that lasts through hectic schedules.

Whether you’re a makeup aficionado or a busy mom on the go, understanding the differences can refine your beauty routine to match your lifestyle. Join me as I unravel the debate between lip tint and lip gloss to help determine which reigns supreme on your lips.

What is a Lip Tint

Lip tint, also known as lip stain, is a low-maintenance product that imparts long-lasting color. Designed to give a natural and subtle hue, lip tints are lightweight and often water-based. They’re a favorite among individuals looking for color that lasts, without the heavy or sticky feel of traditional lipsticks.

Characteristics of Lip Tint

Lip tints typically come in liquid or gel form and are often applied with a brush or doe-foot applicator. Unlike traditional lipsticks, tints seep into your lips, staining them with color that can last for hours. The end result is a flush of color that’s buildable without looking overly dramatic.

Pros of Lip Tint

  1. Longevity: Lip tints are known for being exceptionally durable. They survive eating and drinking, which is a major plus for those with a busy schedule.
  2. Natural Look: Their ability to give a subtle tint makes them perfect for achieving a “no-makeup” makeup look.
  3. Layering Opportunity: You can apply multiple layers of lip tint to intensify the color to your preference, without it looking caked on or overbearing.

Cons of Lip Tint

  1. Drying: Many lip tints can be drying, especially those with alcohol as a key ingredient. This may cause discomfort for individuals with naturally dry lips.
  2. Limited in Variety: While lip tints come in various shades, the color range is often more muted compared to lipsticks.

Recommended Lip Tint

HUDA BEAUTY Lip Blush Cream Lip & Cheek Stain

The HUDA BEAUTY Lip Blush Cream Lip & Cheek Stain acts as both a lip tint and a cheek stain for a versatile makeup look. It glides on smoothly, offering a blendable and buildable application, plus, the natural flush of color that stays put throughout the day provides a natural finish. The product has hydrating ingredients, to prevent dryness and maintain skin comfort.


  • Multipurpose product.
  • Creamy texture allows for easy application and blending.
  • Long-lasting formula.
  • Diverse shade range.


  • Some users may prefer a more matte finish, which this product doesn’t provide.
  • The packaging might be prone to leakage or spills if not securely closed.
  • Limited availability in some regions.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Poutsicle Hydrating Lip Stain is infused with nourishing ingredients to keep lips moisturized and comfortable.

It offers a smooth and hydrating application without feeling heavy or sticky, while still delivering intense pigment for bold and vibrant lip looks. Moreover, the color lasts for hours without the need for frequent touch-ups.


  • Hydrating formula.
  • Lightweight texture.
  • Intense color payoff allows for bold and vibrant lip looks with minimal product application.
  • Wide range of shades.


  • Some users may prefer a matte finish, which this product doesn’t offer.
  • Lighter shades may require layering for full opacity, which can result in a thicker application.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer a transfer-proof formula, as it may transfer onto cups or clothing.

ETUDE Dear Darling Water Tint

Another best lip tint that many people recommend is the ETUDE Dear Darling Water Tint. It offers a watery texture that feels weightless on the lips.

It ensures your lips stay a vibrant tint that lasts for hours without smudging or fading.

Let’s not forget, it has hydrating ingredients to keep lips feeling soft and nourished, and a cooling effect upon application for a comfortable wear.


  • Lightweight formula.
  • Buildable color.
  • Long-lasting stain.
  • Refreshing sensation adds a pleasant and revitalizing experience to application.


  • Watery texture may require careful application to avoid dripping or smudging.
  • Limited shade range.
  • Some users may prefer a thicker consistency for more opaque coverage.
  • Initial application may appear sheer, requiring layering for more intense color payoff.

Exploring Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a classic cosmetic that has seen a resurgence in recent years. It is a shiny, non-sticky product is a quick and easy way to add a luscious, plumped-up look to your lips, and it’s available in both clear and tinted versions.

Characteristics of Lip Gloss

Lip glosses can have a spectrum of finishes, from high-shine to subtle shimmer, and even glitter. Typically, containing oils and emollients, lip glosses not only make your lips stand out, but they also provide moisture with a dewy finish. There are also natural lip gloss that are made out of vegan ingredients,

Pros of Lip Gloss

  1. Hydration: With components like shea butter and various oils, lip glosses are often extremely moisturizing, making them perfect for dry lips.
  2. Versatility: Lip glosses come in numerous shades and finishes, making them versatile enough to be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick.
  3. Luminous Effect: The shine of a lip gloss can give the appearance of fuller lips, and the reflective properties can add a glamorous, fresh look to any makeup style.

Cons of Lip Gloss

  1. Shorter Longevity: Glosses generally don’t last as long as tints. They need to be reapplied more often, especially after meals.
  2. Stickiness: While technology has improved, some glosses can still be sticky, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Comparison Between Lip Gloss and Lip Balm


Lip tints are the clear winner in this category. Their ability to stain the lips means the color holds up considerably better than that of lip glosses, which tend to fade more quickly.

Finish and Shine

Lip glosses are unsurpassed when it comes to creating a high-gloss shine and reflective surfaces. They are designed to catch the light and give the lips a luscious, full look. Lip tints, on the other hand, offer a more muted and natural matte finish that doesn’t reflect light as much.

Moisture and Hydration

For individuals with dry lips, lip gloss may be the better option due to its moisturizing properties. Glosses often contain nourishing ingredients that can help keep lips soft and smooth. Lip tints can be drying for some, but there are formulations available with moisturizing components as well.


When it comes to flexibility, lip glosses take the lead. They can be worn alone for a sheer, natural look, or layered over other lip products for added dimension. Lip tints are somewhat more limited in this regard, as their staining quality means the color payoff is more consistent and doesn’t change with layering as much.

So, Which Is Better? Choosing the Best Option

Ultimately, the ‘better’ lip product comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.

Consider the following when making your choice:

  • Do you require a long-lasting product that won’t need frequent touch-ups, or is high shine and quick application more your style?
  • Are you looking for a product that can offer some nourishment to your lips, or are you more eager to try the latest trend for a night out?

In Summary

The beauty of makeup is in its diversity and ability to cater to different styles and needs. Lip tints and lip glosses exemplify this, offering distinct qualities that appeal to various preferences. With the guidance provided, you’re equipped to make an informed decision. However, the most exciting part of beauty is the experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try out new lip products and discover what works best for you. After all, makeup is as much about expression as it is about looking polished.

Happy lip painting!

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