Best Toothpaste For Babies

Attention, caring moms! Your baby’s smile is priceless, and choosing the right toothpaste is crucial for those pearly whites. Dive into our guide on the 7 Best Toothpaste For Babies in 2024 to ensure your little one’s oral health is in expert hands.

Discover the safest, tastiest, and most effective toothpaste options that make brushing a joy for both you and your bundle of joy.

From gentle formulas to delightful flavors, our curated list guarantees a happy and healthy start to your baby’s dental journey.

Don’t let the importance of oral care slip away – explore our top picks for the Best Toothpaste For Babies and embrace the giggles and grins that come with a bright, confident smile.

Your baby deserves the best, so let’s make brushing time a cherished routine!

What is a Good Toothpaste for Babies?

Choosing a good toothpaste for babies is essential to foster healthy oral habits from the start. Look for a toothpaste that is specifically designed for infants, free from fluoride, and safe to swallow.

The best toothpaste for babies is one that has a mild flavor, appealing to their sensitive taste buds, making brushing an enjoyable experience.

Opt for brands with a focus on natural ingredients, steering clear of artificial colors and preservatives. Additionally, toothpaste with a low abrasive level ensures the delicate enamel of baby teeth stays protected.

The Difference Between a Baby’s and an Adult’s Teeth

1. Number of Teeth

Babies typically have 20 primary teeth, while adults have 32 permanent teeth. The primary teeth are also much smaller than the permanent teeth, as they are designed to fit in the baby’s smaller jaw size. As a baby grows and their jaw gets bigger, their primary teeth will be replaced by larger permanent teeth.

2. Tooth Structure

Baby teeth are made up of softer enamel compared to adult teeth, which makes them more prone to cavities and decay. Additionally, adult molars have four cusps that help with chewing food, while baby molars only have three cusps.

3. Tooth Development

Baby teeth begin to develop before birth and start to erupt when a baby is about 6 months old. Adult teeth usually begin to come in around age 6 and continue until about age 21.

During this time, it is important for young children to practice good oral hygiene habits in order to prevent cavities and other dental problems from developing later on in life.

4. Functionality

Baby teeth are primarily used for biting and chewing soft foods such as purees or mashed potatoes, while adult teeth are used for chewing harder foods such as meats or raw vegetables.

Additionally, adult molars can help with grinding food into smaller pieces for easier digestion, while baby molars cannot do this yet due to their lack of cusps.

Best Toothpaste for Babies

Tom’s of Maine Children’s Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Babies

Key Features

Tom’s of Maine Children’s Toothpaste is crafted with natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle and safe oral care experience for your little one.

This toothpaste offers effective cleaning without fluoride, making it suitable for young children who may not be ready to spit out toothpaste.

Additionally, it is available in enticing flavors like Silly Strawberry and Outrageous Orange, making brushing time a flavorful and enjoyable routine.


  • Gentle Cleaning: The fluoride-free formula provides gentle cleaning, promoting healthy baby teeth without the worry of swallowing fluoride.
  • Engaging Flavors: Kids love the appealing flavors, turning brushing into a delightful daily habit.
  • Trusted Brand: Tom’s of Maine is a trusted brand known for its commitment to natural ingredients and sustainable practices.


The fluoride-free formula may not be suitable for parents seeking added fluoride for cavity protection.

Some children may have texture preferences, and the paste’s texture might not suit every child’s liking.

Orajel Kids Elmo Training Toothpaste

The next on the list of best toothpaste for babies – is the Orajel Kids Elmo Training Toothpaste – a dental care solution specially designed for little ones embarking on their oral hygiene journey.

Best Toothpaste For Babies

Key Features

The Orajel Kids Elmo Training Toothpaste features the beloved Sesame Street character Elmo, making brushing your teeth a fun experience for kids.

Orajel Kids Elmo Training Toothpaste is formulated with a mild, kid-friendly taste that children will love, encouraging them to brush regularly. With a non-foaming formula, parents can have peace of mind knowing that even if their child swallows the toothpaste, it is safe.

It is ideal for children under the age of two, this toothpaste is fluoride-free, reducing any concerns about fluoride ingestion by young toddlers.


  • The attractive design and tasty flavor can motivate children to develop a routine of brushing their teeth regularly.
  • Parents can empower their little ones to take charge of their own oral health, instilling a sense of responsibility and independence.
  • Orajel has been a reliable name in dental care for decades, known for crafting products that are safe and effective for children.


While the toothpaste’s kid-friendly taste is a plus, some children may prefer different flavors. It would be beneficial if the product offered more variety to cater to individual preferences.

The fluoride-free formula is great for toddlers, but older children may require a toothpaste that includes fluoride for optimal dental protection.

Burt’s Bees Kids Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Babies

Key Features

Burt’s Bees Kids Toothpaste is crafted with natural ingredients, emphasizing a commitment to a clean and safe oral care routine.

With a fluoride-free formula, this toothpaste provides gentle cleaning for young teeth, assuring parents of a safe and effective product.

Plus, the mild minty flavor caters to children’s taste buds, promoting a refreshing brushing experience.


  • Natural Formulation: Parents appreciate the natural and responsibly sourced ingredients, that align with Burt’s Bees’ commitment to sustainability.
  • No Artificial Additives: Free from artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives, ensuring a pure and wholesome brushing experience.
  • Cruelty-Free: Burt’s Bees Kids Toothpaste is cruelty-free, appealing to parents who prioritize ethical product choices.


The mild minty flavor might be limiting for children who prefer a broader range of taste options.

Some users note that the toothpaste may dry out faster compared to other brands, necessitating more frequent replacements.

Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Training Toothbrush Set

Best Toothpaste For Babies

Key Features

Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Training Toothbrush Set consists of two toothbrushes – one for infants and another for toddlers. This allows seamless transition as your child grows and develops their oral hygiene routine.

Both toothbrushes in the set feature soft bristles, ensuring gentle cleaning of your child’s teeth and gums without causing any discomfort or irritation. Plus, the toothbrushes are designed with ergonomic, easy-grip handles that make it convenient for both parents and children to hold during brushing sessions.

More importantly, Dr. Brown prioritizes the safety of your child by using BPA-free materials in the construction of the toothbrush set.


  • With the infant and toddler toothbrushes included in the set, parents can confidently use the appropriate brush as their child progresses from infancy to toddlerhood, adapting to their changing dental needs.
  • The easy-grip handles of the toothbrushes make it comfortable for parents to guide their child’s brushing routine, while also allowing toddlers to practice independent brushing skills.


Dr. Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Training Toothbrush Set may not offer a wide range of color choices, which might be a consideration for parents who prefer more variety.

While the toothbrush set covers the infant to toddler stage, it may not be suitable for older children who require a different toothbrush design or size.

Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Babies

Key Features

Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Toothpaste is formulated with fluoride, Crest Kid’s Cavity Protection Toothpaste is designed to strengthen enamel and provide effective cavity protection.

The toothpaste features a mild fruit burst flavor, making it appealing to kids and encouraging regular brushing habits.

What’s important is that Crest Kid’s Toothpaste is accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA), assuring parents of its efficacy and safety.


  • Cavity Prevention: The fluoride formula helps prevent cavities, providing added protection for growing teeth.
  • Widely Available: Easily accessible in most stores, making it a convenient choice for busy parents.
  • Trusted Brand: Crest is a well-known and trusted oral care brand, instilling confidence in the product’s quality and effectiveness.


Some parents may be cautious about the inclusion of artificial colors and sweeteners in toothpaste.

The mild fruit burst flavor may still be too strong for some children with heightened taste sensitivities.

RADIUS USDA Kids Organic Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Babies

Key Features

RADIUS Kids Organic Toothpaste holds the prestigious USDA certification, ensuring that it is made with organic ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs.

With options like Coconut Banana and Dragon Fruit, this toothpaste offers enticing flavors that kids love, making brushing a more enjoyable experience.

This toothpaste is crafted without the use of fluoride, saccharin, and any other unpronounceable chemicals or additives, providing a deep clean naturally.


  • Safe and gentle: RADIUS USDA Kids Organic Toothpaste is designed to be safe and gentle on little ones’ teeth and gums. It promotes good oral hygiene without compromising their health.
  • Organic ingredients: The use of organic coconut oil, chamomile flower, and other natural ingredients in this toothpaste ensures a clean and fresh mouth while minimizing exposure to potentially harmful substances.
  • Improved gum health: This toothpaste is formulated to support gum health, making it an excellent choice for children’s developing mouths.


While RADIUS Kids Organic Toothpaste is gaining popularity, it may not be as widely available as mainstream toothpaste brands. Parents might need to seek it out at specialized stores or online retailers.

As with any toothpaste, the flavors may not appeal to every child’s taste buds. It might take some trial and error to find the flavor that your child enjoys the most.

hello Kids Natural Watermelon Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Best Toothpaste For Babies

Key Features

The Hello Kids Natural Toothpaste delights with a refreshing watermelon flavor, making it an enticing option for young taste buds.

Parents can appreciate the fluoride-free formulation, ensuring a safe and swallow-friendly toothpaste for toddlers and young children.

It is crafted with natural and thoughtful ingredients, and this toothpaste maintains a commitment to a clean and gentle oral care routine.


  • Kid-Friendly Flavor: The watermelon flavor makes brushing enjoyable, encouraging kids to embrace their oral hygiene routine.
  • No Harsh Chemicals: Free from harsh chemicals, artificial flavors, and dyes, providing a natural and worry-free toothpaste option.
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free: Hello Kids Toothpaste aligns with ethical values, being both vegan and cruelty-free, appealing to conscious parents.


While watermelon is a popular choice, the limited flavor range may not suit all children’s preferences.

Some children may have texture preferences, and the paste’s consistency might not be universally liked.


There you go parents reading the blog, I hope some of these recommendations have helped you get some great ideas for what kinds and brands of toothpaste (and toothbrush) to get for your children. Remember, training your children’s hygiene is very important and better done as early as possible for their and your own convenience. Don’t let the child’s reluctance to brush their teeth discourage you, every child is different and may need a little more encouragement or patience. Happy brushing!

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Can I use regular toothpaste for my baby, or is it necessary to use a specific toothpaste designed for infants?

It’s recommended to use toothpaste specifically formulated for babies. These are fluoride-free and often have mild flavors tailored to their sensitive taste buds, ensuring safe and enjoyable brushing experiences.

At what age should I start using toothpaste for my baby, and how much should I use?

Begin using toothpaste when the first tooth appears, usually around six months. For children under three, a smear of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice is sufficient. For ages 3-6, a pea-sized amount is recommended.

Are there specific ingredients I should avoid in baby toothpaste?

Yes, avoid toothpaste with fluoride for children under the age of three, as they may swallow it. Additionally, be cautious of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Opt for natural and safe ingredients in baby toothpaste.

How can I make brushing more enjoyable for my baby?

Choose toothpaste with engaging flavors and textures. Create a fun routine, perhaps by letting your baby choose their toothbrush or by turning brushing time into a playful activity. Making it a positive experience lays the foundation for a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits.

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